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MOLNAR is an independent legal and tax law practice located in the heart of Zurich. The focus lies on tax, VAT, customs and legal advice for international and domestic business and private clients.

Legal und Tax        Advisory        Art        Cyrpto        Aviatik        Maritime Law
Legal und Tax

We cover the following areas of law:


  • Tax Law

  • Indirect tax

  • Value added tax, customs

  • Stamp duties

  • Direct tax

  • Inheritance and gift taxes

  • International double taxation issues

  • Procedural tax law

  • Criminal tax law


  • Contract Law

  • Commercial law

  • Corporate Law


Cooperation with external specialists is considered in order to provide excellent services to clients.

Legal and Tax
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Advisory, business consultancy
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  • Sparring partner for joint development of solutions, targeted interaction with stakeholders and project managers

  • Advisory support for planned restructuring and change approaches


Special areas:

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  • Support in drafting contracts for the purchase, sale and leasing of works of art

  • Clarifications of importation of artwork through the artist

  • Assistance with cross-border transactions and customs clearance procedures

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  • Support with tokenisation projects

  • Analysis of smart contracts and platforms according to the applicable tax regulations

  • Support with the VAT qualification of tokens and their platforms as well as communications with the authorities

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  • Support in drafting contracts for the purchase, sale and leasing of aircraft and helicopters

  • Clarification and assistance with registration and de-registrations (national and international)

  • Support with cross-border transactions and customs clearance procedures

Maritime Law
Maritime Law
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  • Support in the drafting of contracts concerning the purchase, sale and leasing of ships and submarines and their construction

  • Identification of options in the choice of flags and clarification of flag registration, checking of legal registration requirements (flags, re-flags)

  • Clarification and assistance with ship registrations (national and international)

  • Support with cross-border transactions and customs clearance procedures

How do I work

How do we work

Quality and networking are essential in our work. Diligence in smaller as well as in more complex cross-border transactions is always in the foreground, as is the involvement of special experts and communication with the authorities in the context of a preliminary enquiry or ruling. Interdisciplinary consideration of an issue may be at the centre in order to carry out a healthy clarification.

Linus Carl Pauling said:

Not only do you have to have more ideas than others, but you also have to have the ability to decide which of these ideas are good.

About Us

About Us

MOLNAR AG is expert for international and Swiss Tax/VAT and customs. Working languages are English, German and Hungarian.

Monika Molnar is a partner, legal and tax advisor focused on taxation and art law,  entertainment, crypto, blockchain, business and commercial law. She is the first contact for you.


Monika has a long-standing experience in the field of national and international indirect taxation (VAT and customs) including acting as indirect tax knowledge manager and national representative for Switzerland at a Big4 advisory firm.


She is also a founding partner of VATmeetsART. The VATmeetsART detects the needs for sharing of knowledge, experiences, art related discussions within the legal, art, taxation including customs frameworks. 

MOLNAR AG is frequent speaker and has published extensively on issues related to indirect tax and art law. Forthcoming publications include articles on art, taxation, customs, book chapters on taxation and art (Repetitorium Zoll Stämpfli Verlag, Hungarian correspondent for the EU VAT Compass at IBFD).


Our partner was engaged as lecturer at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. And she is also a member of the Crypto Valley Association, Zug Switzerland working group taxation.


Our tax and law practice includes litigations. We have served as legal and tax expert (tax/VAT, customs) in a wide range of art law, aviation and maritime (including but not limited to vessel registrations and tonnage tax for river and ocean vessels), relocation and commercial disputes at both the domestic and international level.

We are member of the IBA and IFA. Our partner has participated as faculty at art and business law school and has conducted training at the indirect tax and art program. She was appointed to the original Arbitration and Mediation pools of CAfA in June 2020.

Monika’s educational background includes: J.D.; Taxation (LL.M.); Curating (ZHDK CAS)


Neutral at CAfA

President of Friends of Budapest Festival Orchestra, Zurich

Accredited by the High Court of Canton Zurich for working language HU interpreter / Akkreditiert vom Obergericht des Kantons Zürich für Arbeitssprache HU 


Accredited Incoterms Trainer, Akkreditierter Incoterms® 2010-Trainer, verliehen durch ICC Germany e.V.


Certified data protection officer (VEB)



 «Das Lehr- und Praxisbuch zur Schweizer Mehrwertsteuer» 

Verlag SKV AG

 «Repetitorium zum Zollgesetz» 

Stämpfli Verlag AG Bern, 2014

 EU VAT Compass 2010-2020 

Amsterdam, Korrespondentin


World Gaming‘s Festival co-hosted by WH Partners, Malta, 2018. 

 Universität Zürich 

LL.M. Taxation CAS, Dozentin (2016/17)

 IBA Annual Conference Sydney, Australia 

A trip through travel industry technology today and tomorrow (8 - 13 October 2017)

More Publications…

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